Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19) is circulating in Iowa communities and many more Iowans are likely to become ill in the coming weeks. This guidance describes isolation recommendations for ILL and WELL Iowans.

Isolation recommendations for WELL Iowans with potential COVID19 exposure: Iowans should stay at home and isolate themselves from other in the home in the following situations:        

  • Traveled outside of Iowa for vacation or business in the last 14 days
  • Taken a cruise anywhere in the world in the last 14 days
  • Traveled internationally to a country with a level 3 travel warning in the last 14 days (China, Iran, Malaysia, Most Countries in Europe, South Korea, United Kingdom and Ireland)
  • Close contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID19 case in the last 14 days

Recommendations for all ILL Iowans: Stay home and isolate from others in the house until:

You have had no fever for at least 72 hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers)

  • AND
  • Other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath have improved)
  • AND
  • At least 7 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared

Contact Butler County

Butler County Courthouse
428 Sixth Street
P.O. Box 307
Allison, IA 50602

F: 877-527-5427
E: strepp@butlercoiowa.org

Assessor: (319) 267-2264
Auditor: (319) 267-2670
County Attorney: (319) 267-2521
Clerk of Court: (319) 267-2487
Driver License: (319) 267-2145
Emergency Management: (319) 267-9968
Engineer: (319) 267-2630
Recorder: (319) 267-2735
Public Health: (319) 267-2934
Sheriff: (319) 267-2410
Treasurer: Auto: (319) 267-2774
Treasurer: Tax: (319) 267-2703
Veteran Affairs: (319) 267-9967
Zoning/Planning: (319) 267-2934

Butler County Directory (PDF)